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"Mini Mélismes - opus I - Clarinette Résurrection" is a clarinet solo album with an original style between classical music, jazz, klezmer and Central Europe folk music.

First opus of the Mini Mélismes cycle, it's an improvised trip around some popular Hungarian, Romanian, French, Klezmer and Duke Ellington tunes, connected by the play of this clarinet: hesitating, stuttering with its melismatic vibrato, torn between classical sound, jazz sound and klezmer sound, rocky and slightly distored, sometimes with accents of voice, trumpet and sax, singing and percussive, dancing, playing its rhythmic freedom.


1- MINI MÉLISME 1 (Térence Thiam) / LUSTIGE HASIDIM (Traditional)

2- MINI MÉLISME 2 (Térence) / THE MOOCHE (Duke Ellington,Irving Mills)


4- A BÉKAKIRÁLY (Ferenç Sebo,Weöres Sándor)

5- DUNÁNTÚLI UGRÓS DALLAMOK (Ferenç Sebo,Traditional)

6- GAVOTTE EN RONDEAU (Jean-Baptiste Lully)

7- MISTY MORNING (Duke Ellington,Arthur Whetsol)

8- BLACK BEAUTY (Duke Ellington)



This album is dedicated to my mother and father
Thanks to Karim, Diane, Thierry & Caroline D., Fabien V., Seb L., Fabrice D., Arthur C.,
Pedro B., Alexandre D., Jérôme R., Franck S., Jean-Lou D., Carlo & Chiara N., 
Damien, Hugues, Polo, Ursula, Sylvain, Julien, Matt, Frantz, Lionel, JC
Mini Mélisme 1 / Lustige Hasidim is dedicated to the clarinetist Margot Leverett  
Mini Mélisme 2 / The Mooche is dedicated to my friend Arthur C. 
Six Danses Populaires Roumaines is dedicated to Mihaly Sipos Mihály 
Recorded in 2016 in Parma, Italy, at Toly Milk's recordings  http://www.tolymilk.com/  


Six Danses Populaires Roumaines (Romanian Folk Dances / Román nepi táncok):
Béla Bartók "Rumänische Volkstänze" 
© Copyright 1918 by Universal Edition A.G., Wien/UE 5802 
Jazz improvisation by Térence Thiam © Copyright 2016 by Universal Edition A.G., Wien