Térence Thiam is a French pianist and clarinetist. His original playing comes from his very early love for jazz and ragtime, and his early influences by classical music, West African music, Centrale Europe folk music in its large acception, ska roots, and next, klezmer music and rock.


After studying the piano at the Conservatoire National de Région (CNR) de Versailles with Edda Erlendsdóttir, a semi self-learning of the clarinet, with his conception of music using a lot improvisation and paraphrase, his career is first turned to teaching.


On stage, we find him first playing piano solo to accompany Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton's movies (salle Cortot), then at the piano or at the clarinet in jazz duos, trios and quartets (with Hugues Vincent, Damien Ropars...), and at the electric organ and clarinet in the rock'n'ska band Le Pélican Frisé who makes concerts in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Italy...


In 2015 comes his creation idea of Mini Mélismes, a project showing his very personal melismatic melodist vision of music.

In 2016 he also records this first opus for clarinet solo.



MINI MELISMES - opus I - Clarinette Résurrection (2016)



LIVE 1992-2012 (2013)  


ASOZIAL (2009)